What is Solstar 2001 ?

Solstar 2001 is the scheduling software, which might also be interesting for your school. Solstar 2001 creates optimized schedules within minutes. You can easily create your schedules due to the clearly arranged menu structure and handling.

Basically Solstar 2001 works like this:

  1. You enter the general conditions of your school (e.g. rooms, teachers, students, courses).

  2. You let Solstar 2001 do its scheduling run.

  3. If required, you can also make manual changes to the schedule.

To have a look at the Program you should visit our Simulation of Solstar.

For detailed information you can read the manual of Solstar 2001:

To get your copy of Solstar 2001 you should fill this order form.

If you want to get the Trial version of Solstar 2001 you can order it by using this order form.

The following versions of the program are available:

Full version (order now)

495 $

one-year license, includes Updates and Hotline

Annual license fee

295 $

after first year, includes Updates and Hotline

Trial version (order now)

25 $

The trial version can be used for 90 days

HERA-Student Information System and our Scheduler Solstar-Windows can be purchased in a package for as low as $ 298.

You can find additional informations about Solstar 2001 in these chapters:

  1. Advantages of Solstar 2001

  2. General Condition

  3. Free Times

  4. Classes

  5. Teachers

  6. Students

  7. Families

  8. Scheduling

  9. Solstar 2001 and Solstar DOS