This is the School Options screen of Solstar 2001. For a description of the buttons please scroll down.

This is the School Options screen of Solstar 2001
Click on "Back to Mainmenu" to return to the mainmenu.

Description of the window

  • School Code
Shows the school code defined in the registration file.
  • School Name
Shows the schol name defined in the registration file.
  • Year
Shows the current year setting chosen in the main menu.
  • Grade Levels
Defines the grade levels of your school.
  • Priority
Defines the priorities of the grade levels.
  • Shift 1 thru Shift 4
Defines which periods belong to which shift.
  • Day patterns
Defines how each day is abbreviated. Allows also definition of special days, e.g. even/odd Mondays
  • Semesters
Defines which semesters you have. E.g. 12 stands for semesters 1 and 2.
  • Homeroom type
  • Sex Codes
Defines how to abbreviate Male/Female.
  • Marjority Ethnic Code
  • Zero Fill Options
Defines, how many digits a number uses and if shorter numbers start with zeroes.

Description of the buttons

The buttons:

: Closes the window and returns to the main menu.