This is the Reports window of Solstar 2001. For a description of the buttons please scroll down.

This is the Reports window of Solstar 2001
Click on any button to simulate the function.

Solstar 2001 offers various reports. You can either watch them on the screen or print them on your printer.


The buttons:

You print the selected report.
You close the reports window and return to the main menu.

The options:

  • Print Preview
If you set the checkmark you will show the report on the screen instead of printing it.
  • Landscape
The report will be printed in landscape format.
  • Separate pages
Each entry (i.e. student) will be printed on a separate sheet.
  • Selective print
A window with values (i.e. names of the students) you can select opens.
  • Sheet Border
You can enter how much free space to the border you want to have.