Calculation of Interest

The "Tomorrows Genius - Calculation of Interest" program provides extensive tuition for all aspects of this subject: Calculation of annual, monthly and daily interest, capital, interest rate, as well as interest dates.

All of the areas that are covered are detailed elaborately in the explanatory section. The reference offers quick access to an overview of concepts and the formulas are derived from the collection of formulas.

Exercise for calculating percentageAnimated and static exercises promote deeper insight. They help to gain an understanding of all aspects that are related to the calculation of interest.

Individual areas in which the student wishes to practice, can be determined by a menu where settings are controlled. In this way the pupil is only presented with what is important. Different levels of difficulty can also be set for the exercises.

The search for a solution is aided by helpful hints. Errors are checked to determine their nature and explained in a relevant comment.

The pupil is helped to overcome problems without endangering successful learning. This is of particular importance for learning at home, because the frustration, that could inhibit learning, is prevented. The exercises' amusing illustrations enliven the subject and create a pleasant atmosphere for learning.

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Classroom license: US-$ 199.00

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