The Methodology Of Our Mathematical Programs

In this section, we would like to provide you with more information about the methodology of our mathematical programs. Please also refer to the respective programs' informational pages. A demonstration version of the programs in the Windows format is available for downloading.

All mathematical programs are characterized by their similar and user-friendly operation. This makes it possible to integrate the programs immediately into the tuition, even without being knowledgeable about computers, and also offers the flexibility to use them at home on one's own.

The Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Mac platforms can be used in parallel, since the programmes' contents is identical. There are however obviously differences, when compared to the versions for DOS.

Great value is placed on motivating the pupil. What good does it do to have the greatest educational program, if pupils do not like it?

Apart from a musical option, there is also motivating and lively commentary, a little game and the opportunity to learn in groups. Animation contributes towards gaining insight and livens up the subject which can sometimes be boring. We deliberately tried to place successful learning in the center. An explanation is provided to the pupil and the mathematical basis is taught to him, so that he can find the solution. An age-related assessment of his performance is made which, registers the number of steps that lead to finding the solution and did not originate from the pupil. After the tutorial session the results are evaluated.

We place great value on independent learning. The pupil must decide how many exercises he wants to complete during a session, what level of difficulty he will be comfortable with, and after how many failed attempts at finding the answer the programme will provide the next step. While attempting to solve a problem, the pupil can look at the relevant chapter in the explanatory section, and find out more about the concept or rule.

All programs can be adapted to provide you with personalized tuition. Different ways of performing calculations are supported in all instances. The pupil can find the solution by using as many steps as he likes, and by using whichever method he prefers.

All programs can be utilized as part of tuition, for informal tuition or to supplement the tuition. They can easily be adapted to a respective class' level of skill.

All programs aim to analyze the pupils errors in order to provide the right explanation.

Our proven evolutionary educational and training programs support you in your effort to provide varied and interesting tuition.

Please take a look at our demo! You can copy the version for Mac and Windows directly onto your computer.