Statistics II - Distribution Of Frequency

The "Tomorrows Genius - Statistics II - Distribution of Frequency" mathematical program deals with all aspects of statistical investigation (full investigation and random sampling), the resulting distribution of frequency and the co-efficient of such distributions.

The professor aids the pupil while he is learning. His study is the point of departure in the main menu. From here the user gains access to the explanatory section, the reference and the section with exercises.

In the explanatory section, the pupil can conduct various investigations in a practical manner and evaluate them. He is actively encouraged to participate. The possibilities for graphical depiction, formation of classes and other things, the most important characteristics for describing the frequency of distribution are determined together with the pupil.Explanation: "statistical investigation"

The techniques that were acquired are applied to practical examples in the exercises. Diagrams are drawn that are relevant to the exercises. There can be conversions of, for example, a block diagram into a bar-shaped or circular diagram. The most diverse values are calculated. In order to restrict the amount of time that is spent on calculations, (for example the average deviation from the average), it is only necessary to enter the figures and the method of calculation. The programme will do the rest, if required.

The ranges can be set in a more detailed manner. This ensures that the pupil can exercise exactly what has already covered at school.

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