Statistics I - Probabilities

This program aims to acquaint pupils with the concept of probability. The pupil conducts tests with equal and unequal distribution in order to learn, in a practical manner, that the relative frequency (or symmetrical characteristics) represents a good estimate of the actual result, in the case of large series of experiments. Tests that consist of one stage or in that consist of multiple stages, with or without returning, are explained.

The multitude of animated exercises was selected on the basis of their appeal and ability to provide greater insight.Explanation: Test, that consist of multiple stages

The pupil can use a tree diagram to solve many of the assignments. This will be very appealing to the pupil.

Other assignments must be completed by determining a point of departure. The pupils are given a choice of formulas for every step in the process of finding the solution. The program ponders, together with the pupil, to what extent the symbols in the formulas are relevant to the assignment.

Both options are chosen in such a way as to provide the best foundation for finding a solution.

This programme naturally also provides an analysis of errors, the ability to make settings, explanations, and a reference.

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