Calculating Percentages

The "Tomorrows Genius - Calculating Percentages" tutorial program provides extensive training and explanation in the form of textual assignments: Calculation of percentage values, basic number and percentages and calculations that use higher and lower basic numbers.

A differentiated menu for settings makes it possible to limit exercises to one or more areas. The program places the pupil into one of two levels of difficulty, according to the progress he makes.

Exercise The pupil is provided with the rule of three and a formula that he can choose so that he can find the solution. He can decide in each exercise which route he wants to follow. If he wants to obtain the result by using the formula, he will be asked what is sought and which formula is required. The formula will initially be displayed only as an empty fractional line. If the pupil experiences difficulty in inserting the correct values in the spaces, it is necessary to click only once with the mouse and the symbols will be displayed. The pupil can overwrite them with the values for the exercise. There is also an analysis of errors during each step and, more importantly, an explanation is provided that will provide greater insight.

If a pupil requires an explanation of a concept or the procedure for making a calculation, he can retrieve the reference or the explanatory section while doing the exercise. It is important that pupils are taught at an early age how to utilize resources on their own. The explanatory section is of an interactive nature and can readily be worked through as a whole when doing revision.

The explanations and exercises are animated in order to stimulate learning. Not that this is really necessary, because working on a computer is already a great source of excitement for many pupils!

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