Linear Equations

Ugo The Alien acts in this program as the adviser on mathematics and friend to the pupil.

Equation, in particular, offers many ways of finding solutions and many methods that can be used. For this reason, the pupil can enter every step as he wishes in the entry fields.

The entries are checked during every step. If an error is made, Ugo will inform the pupil about it in as much detail as possible.

Setting of exercises If the pupil encounters difficulty when compiling an equation, or when trying to solve problems, Ugo will help him, by providing hints that will enable the pupil to find the correct answer on his own.

The exercises are presented in the form of animated tasks which are easy to comprehend using simple mathematical exercises and questions that test insight. Since the numbers vary in all exercises, the pupil is offered an extensive and constantly changing collection of exercises.

Since the pupil can solve the exercises by setting different levels of difficulty, he will be neither overburdened nor have it be too easy and will be able to see the extent to which he can solve increasingly difficult problems.

The section with extensive explanations requires special mentioning. It not only explains basic mathematical concepts such as expressions, forms of expression, decimals and terms, but also explains how equations are calculated by using the analogy of a scale, numbers and mathematical operations.

The methodology of our educational programs

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