Basic Arithmetic

This great program is aimed at a wide age group ranging from pupils in the fourth and fifth grade to older pupils who receive further education and training and who wish to get a firm grounding in arithmetic.

It is therefore possible to set the programme in such a way that each age group will be subjected to the right level of difficulty.

Written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are dealt with individually. You can set different levels of difficulty for each section. It is therefore possible to limit the numbers to ten and rounded off to ten, or up to one-hundred and so forth.

The numerous settings enable you to use the program in such a way that it can be adapted precisely for your pupils. The various levels of difficulty and the ability to apply the individual settings automatically, as soon as a pupil makes several errors, will eliminate the danger of overburdening the pupil or making things too easy.

This program places great emphasis on independant learning. The reference is extensive and contains information on important rules and concepts that are related to basic arithmetic and brackets.

The section with explanations provides a comprehensible introduction to arithmetic. Concrete examples, as well as figures, are accompanied by explanations. Particular emphasis is placed on learning how to carry sums over, when performing written arithmetical procedures.

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