The Rule Of Three

Gambuha The Pumpkin presents this program. The vast range of options serves as the point of departure for learning about the proportional and disproportional rule of three.

In both barrels the answers wait for the opportunity to explain the different types of assignments to the pupil, during the course of a lively question-and-answer game. Different approaches are used deliberately to provide explanations to support different ways of learning, by way of an example that is depicted graphically or in tabular form.

Selection of the programme's functionsA reference, that resembles a book enables pupils to find explanations for concepts quickly.

The section with exercises can be set by the pupil or the teacher. The difficulty of the exercises, the range of numbers, type and quantity of tasks and, most importantly, the percentage that one scores for correct answers during a brief game can be determined.

The exercises are displayed pictorially or with animation and clearly illustrate the theme. Gambuha The Pumpkin assists the pupil in solving the problem. A clear analysis of errors is provided. If, for example, a pupil mixes up the numbers or assignment, or does not apply the rule of three correctly, it will be pointed out to him in a nice way. He will also be given an explanation of how the correct answer is to be attained.

The pupil is offered tips that will enable him to find the solution so that each task can indeed be completed. The program tries to guide the pupil in such a way that he will discover the answer on his own. Unnecessary frustration is avoided, but the program does not provide the answers in advance.

The methodology of our educational programs

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