Training is provided by animated textual assignments that cover all aspects of calculating fractions. Separate exercises are provided for calculation with mixed numbers, as well as for cancelling and reducing to the lowest common denominator.

This excellent program consists, along with an extensive section of exercises, a reference which pupils can use to quickly find out more about concepts. Cross-referencing will provide the pupil with access to more concepts if necessary.

A section with explanations is provided so that the pupil can gain more insight. It stimulates the imagination and, in doing so, the pupil understands what he is calculating. Interaction ensures that the pupil applies the highest degree of concentration.

The beautiful graphics are a great contribution in this regard. Since a computer serves as a recreational tool, it also turns learning into a pleasurable activity. It is in this regard, that the greatest advantages of using modern software in general and of using "Tomorrows Genius - Fractions" in particular come to the fore.

The "Tomorrows Genius" series aims to stimulate the pupil's curiosity to such an extent that he will research a theme on his own and contemplate the subject.

The methodology of our educational programs

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Classroom license: US-$ 199.00

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