HERA-School Management System: Management Of Marks And Lessons

The HERA-School Management System can manage the lesson files for you. Once you have entered the lesson for a class it is easy to make further entries. The lesson can be transferred to existing pupils or to pupils who join later. Where there is linkage, you can tell the program, which part of the course is being taught to a pupil.

You can manage the pupil's marks for a particular subject for each semester.

This information can then be printed with the HERA Report Printer on, for example, report cards.

The information can be fed automatically with Turbo Planner.

If you want to utilize data from other programs, the HERA-School Management System provides an import filter. You only have to tell the program, about the nature of the contents in selected fields.

You will find details of these new features in Version 2001, by clicking here.