HERA-School Management System: Data Security

HERA-School Management System places great emphasis on keeping data secure!

One way in which this is ensured is by encrypting all data securely and permanently on the hard disc. In contrast to other programmes, HERA-School Management System does not keep data as clear text on the hard disk while it is running.

All potential weaknesses in security have been eliminated. An example of this is the fact that processing of text was integrated into the program. This is aimed ensuring that personal data cannot fall into the wrong hands.

You can assign rights to individual users of the program in a targeted and transparent way. When you assign rights, you can determine who uses the database such as to what areas he may gain access to and what he may change.

The assignment of rights is not limited to a generalized classification of users, such as "pupils" or "teachers". You can also limit access to certain areas within these classifications For example you can permit access to the pupils' addresses, but prohibit access to information about the pupils' scholastic career.

The rights are assigned according to groups that are linked to each other in a logical manner. This procedure offers the advantage of providing a greatly improved level of clarity with regard to how rights are assigned, as compared to using a procedure that allocates rights by means of a text field. Furthermore, the possibility of using inconsistent combinations which permit access to only one section of related data is eliminated. It would be senseless to prohibit access to the residential address, while simultaneously permitting access to the postal code!

HERA-School Management System provides you with the additional ability to control access to a pupils' details by limiting access to certain classes so that, for example, the class teacher can only gain access to information on the pupils in his class.

You will find details of the new Data Security features in Version 2001, by clicking here.