This is the Quit menu of Solstar 2001. For a description of the buttons please scroll down.

Clicking on this button would quit the program. (This function is disabled here.) By clicking on this button you would log off. (This function is disabled here.)
This is the Quit menu of Solstar 2001
Click on any tab or button to simulate the function

Description of the buttons and tabs

The tabs:

If you click on a tab the desired index card will be shown on the screen. E.g. clicking on "Options" brings you to the options of Solstar 2001.

The buttons:

  • Quit
: This button brings lets you quit the program.
  • Data Im-/Export
: This button brings you to the the import/export card (as would the "Data"-tab).
  • Register again
: By clicking on this button you log off the program.
  • Print Reports
: When you press this button a window with a list of reports opens.
  • Year
: This combobox lets you choose the year, if more than one year is available in the database.