Turbo Planner: Advanced Level
Turbo Planner is capable of managing and compiling advanced levels and the associated blocks.

You can compile the schedule for advanced levels, in two ways:

  1. Enter the completed blocks (in other words parallel lessons) and the program will compile the relevant timetable, (for example for a semester).

  2. You have the pupils' choices at your disposal and know which courses must be taught during the next school year. The program can then provide you with a parallel compilation of the individual courses, according to your requirement.

The existing circumstances, with respect to the school's building and the number of pupils for courses, are maintained during such compilation.

In practice, one will only have to create a new block for the 11th grade, since the parallel compilation has to be fixed for it.

After you have entered the pupils' choices, the program can utilize them during subsequent years by means of UV-Planer, and minimize a pupils' empty lessons.