Turbo Planner: Your Preferences

One can debate endlessly about what constitutes a good timetable. Turbo Planner aims to adapt itself to cater the greatest degree of variation during the compilation.

As a result, you can set your preferences in the program.

Let us use two lessons taking place in succession as an example:

In the general default settings you can specify the level of priority for teaching certain subjects in two successive lessons. You can determine this setting specifically for each subject or each class. You can, for example, consider whether a subject must be taught during a single lesson, or during two successive lessons. Another consideration would be whether a high degree of priority should be assigned or not. Four levels are at your disposal for assigning priority.

You can use more than twenty-five criteria for assigning priority in the timetable.

The position of lessons in the timetable can be another source of complications. Some schools prefer, that subjects, like religious education, music, art and additional tuition, be assigned to the second half of the school day and that other subjects be taught during the first half.

Turbo Planner assists in this regard. You can specify lessons which should be afforded preferential treatment and during which a particular subject should be taught. It is also possible, with regard to each class' individual courses, to specify when they should be taught. You can select any three periods of time for this purpose in the timetable.