HERA-Student Information System: Correspondence

Schools always receive a great variety of letters. The information on pupils, teachers and others, who are involved with the school is already contained in the database.

Obviously, the processing of text should be integrated into HERA-Student Information System for the purpose of compiling correspondence.

Integrating text processing in the HERA-Student Information System solves a serious problem with security. If mailshots are written by means of the usual method for processing text, the data first has to be exported. This means that personal information about individuals is stored on the hard disc, where it can be accessed and read by anyone. This is an open invitation for abuse!

Another significant advantage of HERA-Student Information System is that you can quickly find all letters, whenever you search for a particular letter.

The integrated text processing is used analogously with the standard methods for processing text. It is designed, in particular, for letters and short texts. As a result users learn more quickly how to use it.

You will find details of the new features in Version 2001, by clicking here.